Friday, 12 February 2010

Questions about Richard Grayson's work

On my way to the Richard Grayson exhibition last Saturday I formulated a few questions about his work that are particularly interesting to me in relation to my own practice as an artist:

What are the effects of an artist choosing to question ideas through the filter of the words of another person? In The Magpie Index Roy Harper's views are thrown into relief and Grayson's own perspective remains ambiguous.

How can we question those assumptions in ourselves that we don't even know we have? There are various methods of doing this e.g. peer counselling and psycho-therapeutic methods which allow us to become aware of patterns of behaviour or long-held beliefs with the hope that one might be able to break free of them. How can we challenge these beliefs in each other? What mechanisms do we have for doing so? In standard educational models an older person is often in charge of educating a younger person. Perhaps it would make more sense if the older person passes on knowledge to the younger one who in turn teaches the older one how to think?

Art often questions our assumptions. How is this achieved in Grayson's work? Through new uses of media and material, new use of a familiar form such as narrative and the chorus?

What is rational intelligence and what might it look like?

Grayson's work comes across as human-friendly at the same time as it is challenging and uncompromising. How does he achieve this?

Where are the places where we have the opportunity to articulate what we believe? Especially if we are not and do not wish to be religious?

Susan Diab


  1. A few more things articulated on the walls of the Comments Box:

    What goes around comes around. Love your fellow man and woman and animal and tree.

    Ignorance does not excuse a person from trying to cause hysteria. Re. science, we pike around in the dark until we find somethng, then some find a way to destroy with it. Others build. But that is human nature.

    Communication is key. Ignorance is NOT bliss.

    One solution. Revolution!

    There is nothing wrong with religion.

    Blind faith should be looked at carefully.

    The world will end when...

    When you're bereaved nobody really want to know do they? Your world ends.

    Nothing is new, we've been here before.

    When we no longer care.

    Principles of a new belief system...

    You have one chance only. So use your life wisely.

    Every judgement you have about someone is something you have to work on yourself.

    Work like you don't need the money, dance like nobody's watching, love like you never been hurt.

    Listen to nature without mental noise.

    Laughter is the key!

    Life without pain has no meaning.

  2. They should sell hot chocolates on exhibition nights. Pwetty pwease.

  3. >>What is rational intelligence and what does it look like?<<

    You need to get out more.

  4. I didn't realise the soup was only the starter to a great exhibition!

  5. hate something change something make something better

  6. Did you get this of youtube??