Wednesday, 5 January 2011

DLWP sets sail with Catherine Yass

It was a cold but near perfect day to sail out to sea on a boat. Catherine (Yass), Alan and I set off at Eastbourne Sovereign Harbour on a charter boat. The lighthouse is 5 miles away from the harbour which takes around half an hour each way.

I have been very curious - as have many others I'm sure - to see this structure which stands in the middle of the sea, all alone. It's only just visible from the Pavilion on a clear day and difficult to judge the real size of it. Catherine and I took many photographs for research, looking at the way the strucutre has aged and its access possibilities. We will have to wait and see what Catherine's artistic outcome from this research trip will be, but it's certainly an exciting start to the project.
Jane Won (Curator, DLWP)

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Lift The Lid family session: MMXI

The final Lift The Lid accompanying Myth, Manners and Memory. The Pavilion was very busy with people from far and wide catching the show before it closes and getting over Midwinter cabin fever.

The session had a nominal theme of describing hopes, wishes, predictions or expectations for 2011. However it was also intended to be a bit of a free for all with an emphasis on colour and collage. It's a bit unfair to ask someone who's only been alive for 4 or 5 years what their opinion about a whole year might be, so let's just open that glue stick.

Many thanks to all who came for all your brilliant work and also to our excellent assistants, Nik Medhurst and Ben Wade.

Myth, Manners and Memory: Photographers of the American South has been a very well liked exhibition. Both as a photography show, for which there seems to be a definite current appetite, and also as a vehicle for issues and approaches that seem relevant or interesting now. For me, that has meant a lot of very interesting conversations in the building and the pleasure of working with an exhibition that rewarded multiple viewings.

Lift The Lid is the De La Warr Pavilion's free drop in session for families on the first Sunday of every month from 2-5pm.