Saturday, 15 October 2011

Look at Me:Who Am I ?

A lovely sunny afternoon and the DLWP was heaving with people taking in the exhibition and before we'd even got our photo booth up we had string of people itching to dress up and have their photo taken. Wigs, sunglasses, tiaras, gloves and hairy moustaches - all really popular for those seeking their inner 'star' and it wasn't just the children !
The overall look was a Studio 54 circa 1975 with feather boas, bowler hats in combination with cat masks and a pipe - the latter beign something of an alien object to many children who initially didn't know where to put it !
The photobooth could just about hold 4 people and their superstar qualities shone through the curly wigs and Elton John glasses - many apsired to mere disguise and others were keen try everything on simultaneously.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Exhibitions Blog

Great day last saturday!
Over the course of the day I worked with groups to make our own 'artverts' based on Warhol's iconographic images of classic packaging.
It was great fun and many people came and made pieces inspired by things such as Bubble gum, string, batteries, sellotape, cheese and even tornadoes (not quite sure how that one got in there!)
The response was great and I was impressed and inspired by everyones ingenuity and humour. One of my favourite moments was aiding in the recording of 'I like string'- a bonafide modern classic!
I will try and put some of them up here and some pics, just got to figure out this here blog thing!