Saturday, 22 October 2011

Becoming a human tape recorder

What does the DLWP sound like?
Andy Warhol used to take his tape-recorder everywhere with him and called it his 'wife'. Just imagine him in bars and restaurants or at The Factory - making recordings of the conversations and events that happened around him.

At the De La Warr today we invited visitors to become a human tape-recorder, making a unique portrait of the life and voice of the Pavilion. We'll be doing this every month of the Warhol Is Here exhibition - to create a new text art-work – with many authors/artists – in the true Factory spirit.

Here are some of our transcripts in words and pictures...

1) My Dad talking

2) plates being moved

3) People talking

4) Footsteps

5) A person saying " We usually have a seat"

6) Rewinding of a tape

7) A tape playing

8) Coffee maker noise

9) Warhol talking in a tape recorder

10) Mobile phone ringing

11) My brother talking 
Dyllan Watkins
Aged 10
I can hear cups rattling
can hear people
can hear banging
can hear drawers going in and out
can hear chairs moving
can hear knives and forks
can hear people getting angry
can hear music
can hear people coughing
Katie Grimwood
Aged 7
people talking
cups dinging
people walking
wheels turning
Barney Oliver Mackew and Stagecoach Bear
Aged 5 
4:15 In the restaurant I can hear people chatting and cups and saucers clashing also in the restaurant I can hear chairs being moved! On the balcony I can hear the sea smashing on the rocks and pebbles. I can also hear the seagulls chirping to each other. On the stair case i can hear footsteps. I hear children and adults muttering and talking!   Emily Balaban  Aged 10
People Talking
Foot Steps
Glasses/Cup in cafe
People walking
Door banging
Paper being looked at
Tapping on the table
Rappers (Sweets)
People being served in the cafe
Granny talking
Waves crashiin
Age: 11