Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Lifting the Lid on Andy Warhol

Young artists and there Mums and Da's join DLWP artist Wendy Ann Greenhalgh for one of our popular Lift The Lid sessions: making Happy Butterflies mobiles and murals and Beautiful Flower prints to beat the autumnal blues. Our next FREE Lift the Lid session in on December 4th 2-5pm.

Making Happy, Grumpy and Naughty Butterflies

How many butterflies can we fit on our mural?

Butterfly Mobiles hanging in the stairwell

Brightly coloured block prints inspired by Andy Warhol

Lines and colours - beautiful flowers

The end of our 4 metre mural

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Saturday Superstars

Another Superstars Portraits session and I approached the Saturday Interaction trolley with fear in my heart. Maybe the first session was a fluke and this time no-one would come.
Wrong. It was a grand afternoon, and 80 people made a self portrait for the gallery ( and eventually the animation) with lots of laughter, good humoured ribbing, surprises and pleasure.
I was once again amazed and delighted that so many visitors want to participate, including men, teenage boys and seniors.
I wobbled at one point when a woman asked me if she could bring a group of 17 older children to draw portraits - but they turned out to be charming, helpful, patient and genuinely enthusiastic. They left a fantastically varied set of pictures, plus one young man took most of the photographs for me - result!
I'm loving this Saturday Interaction, and it's something I will take on to another level in my own practice. Roll on Session 3.