Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Lifting the Lid on Andy Warhol

Young artists and there Mums and Da's join DLWP artist Wendy Ann Greenhalgh for one of our popular Lift The Lid sessions: making Happy Butterflies mobiles and murals and Beautiful Flower prints to beat the autumnal blues. Our next FREE Lift the Lid session in on December 4th 2-5pm.

Making Happy, Grumpy and Naughty Butterflies

How many butterflies can we fit on our mural?

Butterfly Mobiles hanging in the stairwell

Brightly coloured block prints inspired by Andy Warhol

Lines and colours - beautiful flowers

The end of our 4 metre mural


  1. nick ian angela and vicky enjpyed the top gallery - thank u

  2. It's great for kids to get involved with art. My 7 year old absolutely loves being creative with thigs like this. We organised an evening after school this month where the kids can create some seasonal christmas decorations.