Saturday, 17 December 2011

All ears...

We're back again at the De La Warr today for Part 3 of our participatory project - recording the voice of the Pavilion through the sounds of what's happening here during the Warhol Is Here exhibition. With the sound of Christmas carols echoing through the building, this session has been mellow and definitely festive. Here's what we heard...

Time: 14.41
Louisa de Silva
Aged 46

Downstairs a lady to another lady Looking at the Norma Jean
"Oh its Jean… Jean what was her name. Billie Jean"
Security Guy interrupts "Norma Jean not Billie Jean King"

Time: 14.58
Aged 10

wind sssshhhhhhh waves
noisy footsteps
people walking
singing classics
people drinking
people talking

Time: 15.13
Aged 29

Clink,Clunk….five golden rings…
Clink,clunk,clink….three french hens
Clip,Clop…lots of cows…
Click,Click,Click…….da dee dee dee
dum diddly doo dum…shuffle,sniffle,
….clap,squeak….oh well…..
Clip Clop……AAHGH

Time: 15.23
Aged 10

calm christmas music
clinking glasses
drone of people talking
crash of waves
clatter of skateboards
screech of the seagulls

And finally thanks to David Wright for this beautiful poem inspired by the sounds of Warhol:

Vibrations in essence, resonate around and through me,
Music dances, filling the moments between chatter,
Humming creeks split the gentle motion of the sea,
Voice over voice, try to please, try to flatter,
Warhol on black, speaks in dark tone,
As the door slams behind him on a time that is gone,
Broken clicks of heels, as they stride cross the floor,
Out onto the sea and the sound of the shore.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Bobby America 10th December 2011

The latest installment of Bobby America is audio only. Please do not adjust your sets...

Thursday, 8 December 2011

lights! camera! action !

A very busy afternoon at the "Look at me: Who am I?" photo booth with plenty of people prepared to try on groovy gloves, wavy wigs, twinkling tiaras and various superstar style accessories. The feather boa continues to be hugely popular and it is surprising how quickly the inner 'star' shines through !

Born to Boogie !
"Fetch me my longsword ..."

Ladies and gentlemen Hurry hurry hurry Step right up . .
"Who Me ?..."

Is it cos Im cool ?
"Is that a photographer I see before me?"
Abracadabra !

"I feel pretty, Oh so pretty .."

Altogether a fun afternoon with winter sunshine and a happy crowd all keen to be famous for
15 seconds.

Monday, 5 December 2011

Food Glorious Food!

Andy Warhol so loved Campbell's soup - he's supposed to have eaten it every day for years - and of course he made countless artworks inspired by it too. This Sunday, young De La Warr artists took food as their inspiration for our final Lift The Lid session of the year - joining DLWP artist Wendy Ann Greenhalgh to make sculptures, collages and a grand mural of our favourite foods.
We used pieces of paper torn from magazines to make our own baked bean and soup-can collages.

Heinz 57 - with added bat!
Cereal Box sculptures inspired by Andy Warhol's Brillo Boxes
And we invented our own soup flavours and made soup-can sculptures too.
Finally our mural celebrated our favourite foods.
What are your favourites?

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Bobby rides again!

Well, Day Two and Mr America manages to work his charm again. Each day brings different kinds of conversations and interactions, with everyone I speak to having positive comments to make about the exhibition. It's clear that Warhol's legacy is both far reaching and enduring; his "15 minutes" continues to stretch way beyond his untimely death.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

we are all star struck !

Another busy afternoon with hoards of excited and enthusiastic people eager to try on the lurid feather boa and do a bit of superstar pouting.
"Roll up Roll up !"
'I love dressing up - this is great, it's just like my bedroom !"

"Bring me my pipe, Watson !'

'Hows about that then ?'

It all got very busy mid afternoon when the table was surrounded by the young and the old - parents persuading reluctant children to try on a hat or a wig and then, the very same parents whilst declining to join in, when my back was turned, got all dolled up and the children raised their young eyebrows as they were dragged into the photo booth.

Lily the pink the pink the pink

2 moustaches are always better than one !
"You know I'm bad, I'm bad...'

"We gonna make you a star"

"That's why I stay blinging !"

They're creepy and they're kooky,
mysterious and spooky,
The Addams Family

'Good-bye, good goody girl
I'm changing and how'
"You know my methods, apply them."

There is something liberating about putting on a disguise and 'disappearing' and those who have had a go, have taken the selection and application of props quite seriously - it has been a really good way to get people talking about what Warhol was interested in and how he is still relevent.