Saturday, 17 December 2011

All ears...

We're back again at the De La Warr today for Part 3 of our participatory project - recording the voice of the Pavilion through the sounds of what's happening here during the Warhol Is Here exhibition. With the sound of Christmas carols echoing through the building, this session has been mellow and definitely festive. Here's what we heard...

Time: 14.41
Louisa de Silva
Aged 46

Downstairs a lady to another lady Looking at the Norma Jean
"Oh its Jean… Jean what was her name. Billie Jean"
Security Guy interrupts "Norma Jean not Billie Jean King"

Time: 14.58
Aged 10

wind sssshhhhhhh waves
noisy footsteps
people walking
singing classics
people drinking
people talking

Time: 15.13
Aged 29

Clink,Clunk….five golden rings…
Clink,clunk,clink….three french hens
Clip,Clop…lots of cows…
Click,Click,Click…….da dee dee dee
dum diddly doo dum…shuffle,sniffle,
….clap,squeak….oh well…..
Clip Clop……AAHGH

Time: 15.23
Aged 10

calm christmas music
clinking glasses
drone of people talking
crash of waves
clatter of skateboards
screech of the seagulls

And finally thanks to David Wright for this beautiful poem inspired by the sounds of Warhol:

Vibrations in essence, resonate around and through me,
Music dances, filling the moments between chatter,
Humming creeks split the gentle motion of the sea,
Voice over voice, try to please, try to flatter,
Warhol on black, speaks in dark tone,
As the door slams behind him on a time that is gone,
Broken clicks of heels, as they stride cross the floor,
Out onto the sea and the sound of the shore.


  1. Cafe Bar food was excellent!

    Cray fish sandwich - deliciously fresh bread {multigrain}, great filling and the side salad of shredded root vegetables/onions/lettuce {Rocket +} "just right"! Well done and thank you. You probably serve the best food in Bexhill.

  2. I very much enjoyed the exibition. Andy Warhol's style was innovative of the era and has helped inspire photoshop and other photo-based medium. I like his use of psychodyalic neon colours, it really causes metamorphosisof mundane and ordinariy into a modernist pop art style.

  3. Descriptive labels adjacent to each exhibit too small to read even if you have 20/20 vision !!!

  4. It was interesting but uniqe in every way.
    Very Creative and his art in some way is special.

    Cerys aged 10

  5. Fractals. Everywhere. Go look.

  6. Never mind the food, did you see the stitches? The stitches blew me away. And the nice repetition of a dead body. But mainly the stitches.