Saturday, 26 May 2012

seaside reverie . . .

The unseasonably summery conditions made for a slow session - could see plenty of people cooling themselves on the balcony, the terrace and the beach. The 'P' word tends to put people off and have tried hard not to say it ... but children and young people tend to be less easily put off by the idea of making poems ! there was a nice thoughtful piece from a student from Sussex Coast College and some local school girls were keen to express their love of Bexhill in swirly felt pen. Some are torn by the desire to just walk away thinking it's not for them and then a word of phrase catches their eye and then they play around with words for a while - sometimes happy to display their creation on the window, others preferring to just leave their verse on the table.
Well done to everyone who got creative and took part !


  1. It is about time there was a general public rebellion against this whole world of art -- it is all entirely without meaning and its no use depending upon the over-written captions to try and force some cohernce upon the whole - it is simply not there. The emporer truley is without clothing - worse - this whole enterprise attempts to render meanibgless art and pltics which have some meaning. The whole enterprise is deeply reactionary and the conceits of this art need to be totally exploded -- Jonathan Coe (

  2. i agree with wotever he said , alan

  3. ha ha i ate ur curry

  4. I think that art doesn't have to have a meaning to you; you have to decipher it yourself, it may come instantly-a thought, flying towards you or alternatively you may have to stop and think for a while. consequently find a meaning that suits you best, the meaning that suits the peice best. Meaning lies in the mind of the observer, it seems the previous few commentators didn't have one.

  5. finlay alex alan hendley5 June 2012 at 06:13

    Today we are here to see the astronomy festival .
    My brother and i made a rocket and launched it outside and it went into space.
    We have lots more to do and have had a really good time.

    1. Oscar Winston Spencer Hendley5 June 2012 at 06:18

      i wish my brother goes up to space

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  7. EthanTheCheeese8 June 2012 at 08:55

    oooh nice writing

  8. really like the exhibition!!! 5* -The Schubert Family