Monday, 13 February 2012

The Voice of The Pavilion

You are the voice of the pavilion
Saturday was our last chance to listen for the voice of the De La Warr - as our participatory project came to an end. Inspired by Andy Warhol's love affair with the trusty tape-recorder he called 'his wife' - visitors took pen and paper around the building with them, to document the sounds of the building - becoming a human tape recorder, for 15 minutes. The echoes, the silences the conversations and the tread of feet provide the backdrop for what they saw and what they heard. Have a last listen to the voice of the pavilion - it's the voice of every visitor - so it's your voice too.


steam blowing cutter tapping
distant engines laughter echoing
half conversations shoes shuffling
feet stepping whispers and murmurs
doors opening and doors closing
chairs sliding phones ringing
Bob whistling cafe musicing

Voices are mingled, confused and co-mingled; an oasis of coherent conversation sits around a table on the top floor. Isolated snippets of conversation on genuine and antique 'cassette tape recorders' lie and wait for you to slip on headphones, rewind, fast forward, play, eject and stop.

The names of the interviewees mean nothing; once-beautiful, once-intimates of Warhol umm and err as a starstruck interviewer simpers.

Elsewhere, the din and thrum is never ending.

And the last word goes to four year old - Orla.

baby crying
men talking to ladies
cats in my head


  1. i like the bull in the warhol exhibition =D

  2. The revolvers in the upper section of the exibition are probably my favourite as they are very detailed and interesting to look at, i personally found the whole upper section very influential and is my favourite part of the exhibition overall...

  3. Clanking cups and gentle chatter upstairs, peace,tranquility and "you get a better view if you stand back" being advised by a loving grandfather downstairs. Smells of conflicting strong perfumes and the wind whistling round. All these added to the visual experience of Andy Warhol.

  4. andy is cool,I love his artistic vibe!
    I like the way he uses diffrent colours and prints, I also like the way he uses different people to paint.

  5. I utterly adore Andy's work,he is soooooo imaginative and sooooo cool.
    My dad,sister,mum and I really like him, we have his Elvis painting in our living room! I love the De la warr pavillion it's so great for art,movies and entertainment.They also do very good coffe and tea! My faveourite Andy Warhol painting has got to be the Marilyn Monroe or the Tomatoe soup! Overall,I think Andy's work is sensational and inspiring!!!!!!!!

  6. we love Andy warhols work, such inspiration that can be taken away with you and to improve your own ideas in the class room. Would love to buy the cows as they are so imaginative!

  7. YeahI quite enjoyed it thank you

  8. love the cows& wish I had them in my kitchen, I'd do more cooking!

  9. I liked the column of heat it dried my trousers

  10. Only In Bexhill can we be conned by this RUBBISH. as a Council tax payer I am ashamed of the way funds are being wasted. We (the silent majority) are once again being made fools of

  11. I loved the light playing on the columns and the interacton with the panoramic view