Thursday, 3 November 2011

Bobby America comes to Bexhill


Bobby America is a creation of Artist & Composer Joseph Young.

On October 29th, Bobby appeared at Warhol is Here for the first time to interview and interact with visitors to the exhibition. The video shows extracts from these conversations as he makes a fictitious programme for Radio Free Warhol.

Thanks to Gabrielle for the filming.


  1. Pretentious tosh

  2. hi i would just like to say i am inspired by the painting i have seen and woul like to try so of his techniques at home thank u

    rheanna taylor

  3. i like andy warhol alot especially his marilyn monroe art it is very repetitive and really nice i love the way all the colours stand out hope to come again soon

  4. amazing seeing Marilyn Monroe 'in the flesh' :)

  5. eccentric, unexpected, but gave me a few inspirations for tatoo's and room decor =)

  6. it wasnt what I expected, not enough pictures, overalll a big disappointment. but the pictures are of course very contravesial