Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Lift The Lid, Sunday 3rd October

The first Lift The Lid family drop in session working with Myth, Manners and Memory was brisk and brimming with ideas and energy. This exhibition certainly lives up to its title in what it evokes in visitors to The Pavilion.

This was my first Lift The Lid session. I was working with Natalie from the De La Warr and Corin Smith, who's doing a Duke of Edinburgh award. Their enthusiasm and enjoyment was perfect for the afternoon.

I asked people to look for details in the photographs and use them to create a collage, story, drawing or poem. Loads of interesting work was made in just 3 hours. I copied 42 of them! Here's a small sample of what we made (choosing what to put on this blog was very hard!).


  1. i think that the art work in this gallery has a in-deapth view in to the human condition. The art that is shown really inspiring to the younger generatio.
    Good Show

  2. i think that this is not art, if it was art it would need skill, this is not skill, a five year old could do better!!!!! Everone i have asked about this and the recent delawar 'art' have said the same thing, its rubbish and all these 'emerging artists' do is rubbish! we dont need "a deeper meaning, we need proper art. Like van gogh, alothough i know he's probnabnly not gd enough for the delawras standards! <sarcasm!