Saturday, 13 March 2010


A fond farewell to Richard Grayson and thanks for a really thought provoking show. It's impossible to recall the breadth of the discussions we've had both today and over the past weeks. To name but a few: truth, authenticity, belief, disbelief, uncertainty, country and western music, horoscopes, performance, portraiture, boring dinner party conversations, singing, ... and the many guises of the artist... as social commentator, thinker, enquirer, presenter of ideas, documentor, provocateur, someone who picks and probes at sticky problems without the imposition of offering answers...

To the MA group from the Slade who I MISSED meeting today - so sorry to have missed you - it would have been great to have had you at a Thinking Aloud session. Perhaps some other time...

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  1. did u find that video on utube and just stick it 2gether?? mayb it needs to stay there if u did